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Symposium IV

Interdisciplinary Approaches in the Promotion of Health and Wellbeing

Contemporary thinking across the globe emphaisises the importance of collaborations and alliances in the pursuit of achieving personal and collectivbe wellbeing goals. One important determinant of wellbeing is maintaining a physically active lifestyle. Clearly, overwhelming evidence documents the holistic benefits of physical activity. This Symposium highlights the contribution that various forms of physical activity can make to wellbeing through physical education, dance, technology and draws attention to the need of providing opportunities for young people to be physically active through collaborations.  The first presentation by Professor Ian Culpan (NZ), entitled „The Case for Physical Education’s Future: Critical in Human Development” exams possibilities for new directions for physical education (PE) and draws on some present attempts to plot a reformed future in order for PE to become more effective in the contemporary world. The second presentation by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Demet Tenkin (Turkey), entitled “Treatment with Dance in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation: Perspective of a Sports Physiotherapist and Professional Dancer from Turkey” highlights how the dance therapy method in the 21stC addresses holistic wellbeing and has become an important part of complementary medicine in the treatment of physical, mental, social and psychological problems.  The third presentation by Prof. Dr. Xing-Ce Wang, (China). entitled “PhysioTreadmill: An Auto-Controlled Treadmill Featuring Physiological-Data-Driven Visual/Audio Feedback”, outlines how an automated treadmill featuring physiological-data-driven feedback-PhysioTreadmill, allows users to easily control running settings based on their physical condition and can also motivate users through real-time physiological computing. The fourth presentation is by Dr. Jogbinder Singh Soodan, who examines the health status and socio-economic factors of a demographic population in a regional part of India. The last is a joint presentation by School Principal Jing Xia, and Professor Dr. Jianhui Dai (China). This joint presentation entitled “Localizing the SDGs and WSCC into the GCH Model School Network in China” demonstrates the importance of using The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) and The Centers for Disease Control’s Whole School-Whole-Community-Whole Child (WSCC) well-being models to empower and inspire students to be members of a healthy community.

  • Prof. Dr. Emeritus Ian CULPAN (Chair)

    Co-Director, New Zealand Centre for Olympic Studies
    University of Canterbury
    New Zealand
  • Prof. Dr. Jianhui DAI (Co-presenter)

    School of Physical Education and Sports Science
    Soochow University
  • Dr. Jogbinder Singh SOODAN

    Physical Director/ PTI
    Govt. Degree College
    Mahanpur, Kathua
    UT of J&K
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Demet TEKİN

    Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Department / English
    Faculty of Health Sciences
    Fenerbahce University
  • Prof. Dr. Xing-Ce WANG

    School of Artificial Intelligence
    Beijing Normal University
  • Principal Jing XIA (Co-Presenter)

    Mudu Experimental Primary School
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