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Symposium I

Interdisciplinary Approaches in Promotion of Health and Wellbeing

The World Health Organization (WHO)’s Global Action Plan on Physical Activity 2018-2030 calls for an increase in physical activity among all age groups worldwide. At present, 1 in 4 adults (23%) and as many as 3 adolescents (aged 11-17) out of 4 (81%) worldwide do not meet the WHO global recommendations for physical activity. The Action Plan posited that physical activity should be an integral component of “daily lives” of all individuals “across the life course.” This symposium will feature four presentations that highlight the role of physical activity and sport in the promotion health and wellbeing among children and youth. The first talk from Dr. Jingzhen Yang of the USA entitled, “Association of Self-paced Physical and Cognitive Activity Post-Concussion with Symptom Resolution in Youth” will examine the association between physical and cognitive activity after concussion with symptom resolution among concussed youth. Next, Director Xiao Dong Li will present “Best Team: Developing Active Healthy Children through After-School Physical Education and Sports – A Successful Industry Case in China”. He will discuss how collaborative and supportive relationships can be used to ensure that after school programs adhere to scientific, high-quality, and international requirements. The third presentation by Dr. Kantheera Areerak, entitled “Health Literacy in Youth Athletes and Parents: Thailand Perspective” will discuss the results from the survey study on the health literacy in young athletes and parents and its role in injury prevention and self-care. The fourth presentation entitled, “The Philippine Taekwondo Association Experience: Developing a Model of Sport Governance and Sustainability for National Sports Associations,” will be presented by Geraldine “Dina” Go Bernardo who will introduce an analytical research study on workable and sustainable management practices of the Philippine Taekwondo Association. She will discuss a conceptual framework for responsible governance and sustainability of the National Sports Associations within the context of the Philippines’ sports system. The fifth and final presentation will be presented by Prof. Dr. Li Jing Zhu, Co-Chair, Scientific Section of Sport and Exercise Psychiatry, World Psychiatric Association, co-authors with her collegue and Sporrt Psychologie, Dr. Rer.Nat. Klinische, at University of Vienna, Austria. The title of their presentation is “International Olympic Committee (IOC) Consensus Statement on Mental Illness in Athletes” where they will introduce the 2018 IOC Consensus meeting and significance of this meeting in protecting physical and mental health of elite athletes.

  • Prof. Dr. Jingzhen (Ginger) YANG, PhD, MPH (Chair)

    Department of Pediatrics, College of Medicine
    Division of Epidemiology, College of Public Health
    The Ohio State University
  • Dr. Kantheera AREERAK PT, Ph.D.

    Lecturer, Faculty of Physical Therapy
    Mahidol University
  • Geraldine Go BERNADO

    Geraldine Go BERNADO, MBM, DBA (Candidate)
    Secretary General, ACESS
    Lecturer, Department of Management and Organization
    College of Business
    De La Salle University
  • Director Xiao Dong LI

    President, Zhengzhou Best Team Co.Ltd
    Founder of Joykids & Joystar
  • Prof. Dr. Li Jing ZHU

    Chair, Related Scientific Section, World Psychiatric Association
    Clinical Sport Psychology, Sport Psychiatry
    University of Vienna
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