to infuse the intelligence and skills of our professional experts and implement them into the communities for the benefit of mankind

JOYKIDS:Relying on theprofessionalresearch and development of children physical fitness, Joykids focuses on scientific sports, venue operation and chain service management for childrenfrom 2 to 12 years old.It is dedicated to maximizing children athletic talent through scientific sportsto cultivate future pioneers with "healthy body, strong character, independent spirit and noble character".Since opening its first venue in Zhengzhou in 2014, JOYKIDS has more than 400 gymnasiums in China, and more than 100,000childmembers, gradually becoming a leading brand of childrenphysicaleducation.

JOYSTAR:Signing the famous Chinese basketball player Zhou Qi, relying onmore than ten years teaching andresearchexperienceofBEST TEAM (Headquarter of JOYKIDS&JOYSTAR) , JOYSTAR is committed to building a basketball training system for young children aged 4 to 15from 2021.JOYSTAR introduces international courses to China, combines training, events, and talent selection to build a basketball curriculum systemwhich ismore suitable for Chinese teenagers.


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