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Symposium V

Interdisciplinary Approaches in Promotion of Health and Wellbeing

Four international presenters from South Africa, Republic of Korea, Argentina and USA will present their experiences in the promotion of health and wellbeing in these 4 countries. There will be a special focus on physical activity programmes in schools, body type and health, well-being and exercise in the younger generation, sustainable community physical activity programs for older adults and also the role of emotional development and physical activity. There is great diversity in the age of the target populations which cover a large part of the lifespan. The first presentation by Prof. Hans de Ridder from South Africa entitled, “What Your Body Type Reveals About Your Health” discuss the different health risks associated with the five different body types and what you can do to combat the risks to maintain your health. He concluded however, the shape of the body is just a way to know where you can improve your overall health. No matter what shape you are, the key is to maintain a healthy weight, eat healthy foods and stay active.  The second presentation by Prof. Dr. Chae-Hee Park from the Republic of Korea with the title: “Sustainable Community Physical Activity Programs for Older Adults: A Case of Gangdong-gu, Seoul”, have a discussion of an example of the development and application of sports and PAP suitable for senior citizens in Gangdong-gu and also discuss a case of dissemination of PAP in cooperation with three general welfare centers for the elderly and two general social welfare centers in Gangdong-gu. In the third presentation by Assoc. Prof. Erin Centeio from the USA, entitled “Integrating Culturally Relevant Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs”, the results of two Comprehensive School Physical Activity Programs is outlined. The impact the programs had on the whole child (including behavioral, academic, and psychosocial variables) are also discussed. Additionally, a new comprehensive intervention called I Paʻa Ka Huewai Pawehe is also covered. In the fourth presentation of Prof. Veronica Torrent from Argentina entitled, “Constructing Well-being: The Argentinean Perspective of the Role of Emotional Development and Physical Activity”, the presentation is based on the implementation of the theories of the construction of wellness whose tools are related to emotional development and the analysis of Paul Ekman´s contribution about positive emotions (2003), and Seligman´s positive psychology (1999). In the last presentation, Phoenix Wai Ching Tong from Hong Kong -China entitled “Using e-Learning Tools to Enhance Learning and Teaching Effectiveness of Health and Physical Education in Primary School: Hong Kong-China Perspective” would elaborate the role of E-Learning in health and PE in a model school with integration and implementation.

  • Prof. Dr. J. Hans de RIDDER (Chair)

    President, BRICSCESS
    Senior Vice-President, ISAK
    Director, School of Human Movement Sciences
    North-West University-Potchefstroom
    South Africa
  • Assoc. Dr. Erin CENTEIO

    Past President, Western District, SHAPE America
    Chair, Comprehensive School Physical Activity Program (CSPAP) Special Interest Group SHAPE America
    Kinesiology and Rehabilitation Science
    University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa
  • Prof. Dr. Chae-Hee PARK

    ACSM Exercise is Medicine® Older Adult Committee Member
    Dept. Sport and Healthy Aging
    Korea National Sport University
    Republic of Korea
  • Prof. Veronica TORRENT

    Founder, “Corriente por los Niños” Foundation
    Argentina/ Paraguay
  • Phoenix Wai Ching TONG

    Chairperson of School Ethos Development
    And Student Nurturing Committee
    Baptist (Sha Tin Wai) Lui Ming Choi Primary School
    Hong Kong-China
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